fmtBank Principles of fmtBank rescue-plan 


1. fmtBank rescue plan is a national service;

2. The fecal microbiota provided by fmtbank is purified from healthy donors who underwent rigorous screening and anonymity;

3. The fecal resources provided by the fmtBank must be purified by rigorous laboratory processes under GMP condition;

4. The fmtBank only accept rescue applications from the patients attending physician;

5. The patient or his authorized family members must sign the informed consent provided by the hospital;

6. This fmtBank only provided service for clinical rescue treatment and scientific research.


Ethical baselines of fmtBank Rescue Plan


1.The primary purpose is the patients’ health; 

2. Make sure all donors and patients signed the informed consent;

3. Protect the privacy and other interests of the donor;

4. Ensure the donors anonymity;

5. Ensure maximum benefit and minimize risk;

6. Ensure the justice in resources, services, distribution and procedure;

7. Special protective measures for vulnerable groups.


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